Rove twitters from hunting trip with Fred Barnes and Chris Wallace.

Raw Story notes that even “under Congressional subpoena,” Karl Rove is finding “a little time for rest and relaxation,” going on a hunting trip in South Texas where he “fired off a few updates on Twitter.” One user joked that it was good Cheney wasn’t along for the ride, although Rove actually said that he wished he had been:

@tomatcc: “ALL CLEAR!” Dick’s in Wyoming. 8:45 AM yesterday

@KarlRove: You’re correct — unfortunately Cheney’s not here. But, I look forward to my next hunt with him. #TCOT #SGP 9:54 AM yesterday

Fox News’s Chris Wallace and the Weekly Standard’s Fred Barnes accompanied Rove, who also posted a “Twitpic” of Barnes with shotgun in one hand and dead bird in the other. Rove said Barnes hit “two out of a covey.”