Rove Watch Clock: It’s Been 75 Days Since Fox Has Failed To Identify Rove As A McCain Adviser

Today on Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace brought on Karl Rove to analyze the 2008 election. Peddling Rove as an source of independent analysis, Wallace introduced him as “the architect of two presidential victories and now a Fox News analyst.” Wallace failed to mention that those victories (for President Bush) were Republican victories, or that Rove has spent his entire life working exclusively for Republicans.

Unsurprisingly, Rove showed two electoral maps predicting heavy general election advantages for Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) against both Barack Obama (D-IL) and Sens. Hillary Clinton (D-NY). He used these maps to claim that “the last five weeks have been good for Sen. John McCain”:

This race is far more competitive at this point than I suspect either the Democrats are comfortable with or that John McCain would have expected. He should be way behind at this point…and yet McCain is hanging in there in both of the polls.

Watch it:

At no point did host Chris Wallace point out that Rove is hardly an independent adviser — or that he is working as an adviser to the McCain campaign. Despite daily appearances on the network, Fox continues to refuse to reveal Rove’s extensive role in the McCain campaign.


It has been 75 days since Rove’s first appearance as a “Fox News analyst.” How much longer until Fox properly identifies him as a McCain adviser? Then again, Fox has no interest in revealing Rove’s bias, since it is the reason the network hired him in the first place.