Sore loser Roy Moore lashes out at Doug Jones’ gay son

He's blaming everyone but himself.

CREDIT: AP Photo/Mike Stewart
CREDIT: AP Photo/Mike Stewart

Republican Roy Moore has still not conceded his loss in the Alabama Senate race, and in recent days, has seemed to pin the blame at minority groups he is known for despising. Meanwhile, his claims of voter fraud are looking weaker than ever, given the one case of alleged fraud has been closed.

Since his campaign sent an email Monday announcing an “Election Integrity Program” to investigate supposed voter fraud, Moore has posted three links on Facebook, each of which reflects poorly on his refusal to concede.

The first link Moore posted was about an investigation Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill launched into possible voter fraud by a young man who gave a television interview that seemed to suggest he came from out of state to vote in Alabama’s election. On Thursday, Merrill announced that they had identified the individual and confirmed that he “has lived and worked in Alabama for more than one year and is currently a registered voter in this state.” The statement concludes, “We applaud this young man’s energy, excitement, and enthusiasm for the electoral process and we are always encouraged when we observe Alabamians who are actively engaged in campaigns and elections in our state.” Aside from whatever Moore might dredge up, there are no other public reports of any irregularities with votes.

The second link Moore posted was from the conservative extremist site WorldNetDaily, which claimed that “Muslims and Marxists delivered for Doug Jones.” The article bemoans that these groups “rallied thousands of  black, Latino, and Muslim voters behind Doug Jones,” but it doesn’t actually implicate anyone in any wrongdoing. Moore’s supporters left comments encouraging him to keep fighting. Moore had previously said he does not believe Muslims should hold public office.


Then, Wednesday evening, Moore shared an article from the LGBTQ magazine The Advocate featuring an interview with Carson Jones, the gay son of Doug Jones, the Democrat who bested Moore in the election. Carson is a 22-year-old zookeeper who lives in Denver and has little to do with the election aside from being Doug’s son. Given Moore’s long history of virulently anti-gay remarks, including support for recriminalizing sodomy, sharing the article seemed an attempt to further demonize Jones. Though LGBTQ activists were quick to respond to Moore’s post, many supporters clearly took the bait, as their comments indicate:

  • “Well the way I see it if god wanted us to be with men on men and women on women and black with white he would have put us on earth that way guess what we are not that way it was Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve so with that said don’t push it on me I get sick and tried of hearing this crap. Just like Obama and the dem’s always trying to push it on us letting men go to girls bathroom just because one day they wake up and say o today I am a woman but to some that is ok well not by me it is not ok I don’t stand for it .”
  • “Obviously Jone’s was an absent father for his son to be a homosexual , if the election continues as is he won’t be much of a Senator either.”
  • “Shame they slander a great Alabamian Judge Moore and then the sick left winner shows its perversion”
  • “Do you know what baby killers, homosexuals, so-called social elites, the underclasses, old hipsters, felons, socialists college students, urban thugs and white trash have in common? They elected Doug Jones!”

Moore’s own son, 27-year-old Caleb Elisha Moore, has been arrested nine different times — most recently in October — on charges such as criminal trespassing, drug possession, and driving under the influence.

Based on the overseas and provisional ballots Merrill’s office has now counted, it’s numerically impossible for Moore to win. In the video he issued last week refusing to concede, he similarly attacked progressives, abortion, and the LGBTQ community.

UPDATE: Thursday afternoon, Moore deleted the post about Doug Jones’ son without explanation.

CREDIT: The Advocate
CREDIT: The Advocate