RSCC Says Senator Burr’s Bank Runs Comment “Highlights Perfectly the Competing Views of the Two Parties”

I noted back on Tuesday that Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) has apparently been touring the state trying to spark bank runs with an anecdote about telling his wife to panic and pull money out of their bank accounts. It seemed irresponsible to me. And the issue caught some fire in the blogosphere, then the DSCC started pushing it out, then the North Carolina press started taking a closer look. So naturally the RSCC is firing back. But as Chris Orr observes, the RSCC is firing in a strange direction; instead of just dismissing the story as a mountain/molehill kind of thing being constructed out of a joke, their spokesman is saying that “The Democrats’ response highlights perfectly the competing views of the two parties when it comes to strengthening the economy.”

The Democrats’ response, as best I can tell, is that it’s a bad idea for politicians to frighten people and provoke bank runs. Is that really such a bad approach?