Rubio Kisses Trump’s Ring, Apologizes For Mocking His ‘Small Hands’


During the campaign, Marco Rubio called Donald Trump a “lunatic” and a “con artist.” He said that Trump has spent “40 years sticking it to the little guy” and “has no ideas of any substance.” He blasted Trump for refusing to condemn “white supremacists and the Klu Klux Klan.” Rubio said that the comments Trump made on the trail disqualified him from being commander in chief.

Now, Rubio has endorsed Trump for President. In an interview with CNN, he went further than that, saying that he would speak on behalf of Trump at the Cleveland convention if asked, calling Trump “the ultimate change agent.”

Rubio was also asked if Trump should tone down his attacks on Hillary Clinton, which have recently included raising the conspiracy theory that she was involved in the death of Vince Foster. “I don’t think he should change if he’s been successful,” Rubio said.

He is also publicly apologizing to Trump for making a joke about his small hands.

Marco Rubio says he apologized to Donald Trump for the “small hands” jest #CNNSOTU

— State of the Union (@CNNSotu) May 29, 2016

During the primary, Trump mocked Rubio as “Little Marco” and viciously attacked him on a host of issues:

To date, Trump has not apologized for any of it.