Giuliani invents absurd conspiracy theory to explain a typo

Trump's former cybersecurity expert complained that Twitter "allowed someone to invade my text." Which, what?

Alex Wong/Getty Images
Alex Wong/Getty Images

If you haven’t noticed, Rudy Giuliani — President Donald Trump’s attorney — has “spent only a small fraction of his time practicing law” in recent decades amid special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election — an investigation that increasingly appears to be circling his client.

But when the former prominent Republican isn’t busy making potentially damaging statements about Trump, Giuliani also makes time for Twitter. It’s not great.

Between this still-unexplained tweet from last week…

And this offering, in which he misidentified GOP candidate John James multiple times last month…

And touting imaginary votes from his non-existent Senate career to defend Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh in September…

And sending this instant classic in July…

It’s clear that the 74-year-old struggles to understand Twitter, which would be unremarkable and, perhaps, even endearing had Trump not named Giuliani as his top cybersecurity adviser, for some reason.

However, the former New York City mayor manage to reach new levels of Twitter notoriety over the past few days.

Our cringeworthy journey began on Friday, when Giuliani tweeted about the president’s trip to the G20 summit. Unfortunately, in a keystroke error for the ages, he forgot to include a space between his first and second sentences, leaving a combination of adjacent characters to create an accidental hyperlink in his text.

Over the weekend, someone who is very clever — and possibly has too much free time on their hands — purchased Giuliani’s inadvertent URL and redirected anyone who clicked on it to the following message.

A screenshot from Rudy Giuliani's accidental link.
A screenshot from Rudy Giuliani's accidental link.

Despite the fact that Rudy’s error, and its consequences, was the talk of Twitter after this enterprising prankster’s efforts were discovered, it took quite some time before America’s former pre-eminent cybersecurity expert noticed that his tweet looked as if he intended to refer to his client as a traitor.


Giuliani finally addressed his gaffe on Tuesday. And in true Trump fashion, the president’s lawyer refused to acknowledge his mistake and instead invented a far-fetched conspiracy theory.

Ignoring the obvious explanation — that Giuliani failed to hit the space bar and someone trolled him for it — the former Republican presidential candidate apparently thinks “Twitter allowed someone to invade” his tweet. This is not a thing!

CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski, who has uncovered many stories about Trump officials’ troubled pasts on social media, did not need much time for this investigation.

Though conservatives have previously made baseless claims about censorship on social media, Giuliani’s absurd “invade my text” assertion appeared to be a first in the genre.


It’s not the only mixed message Giuliani is currently sending via his Twitter account. Though nearly all of Giuliani’s Twitter likes are his own tweets, which is…weird, one of his Twitter likes makes it look like he is endorsing this message, sent by former Democratic National Committee chair Donna Brazile last week.

Get it together, man.