Rupert Murdoch (!) on Climate Change Action

An excellent and surprising interview by Grist. As Amanda Griscom Little notes,

“When Rupert Murdoch, the cantankerous and conservative owner of Fox News, enthusiastically joins the fight against climate change, you know we’re past the tipping point on the issue.”

Murdoch supports a mandatory cap on carbon emissions “to an extent.” He plans to take strong action at News Corp., his media empire, both in their own emissions and in their entertainment productions:

We want to help solve the climate problem. We’ll squeeze our own energy use down as much as we can. We’ll become carbon neutral for our own emissions within three years, and be entirely transparent throughout the process, publicly reporting our reductions and offsets. But that’s just a start. Our audience’s carbon footprint is 10,000 times bigger than ours, so clearly that’s where we can have the most influence.


We may yet see Jack Bauer, climatologist. Stay tuned!