Rush Limbaugh Doubles Down On Connection Between Homosexuality And ‘Normalizing Pedophilia’

Rush Limbaugh was astonished Wednesday that he had been criticized for his discussion earlier in the week comparing the normalizing of same-sex marriage with supposed efforts to “normalize pedophilia.” Instead of clarifying a distinction, however, Limbaugh doubled down and continued to offer connections between homosexuality and pedophilia where none exist, blaming the article he cited for doing the same:

LIMBAUGH: I didn’t write it. I didn’t conceive it. Pedophilia wasn’t even on my mind until I started doing the show prep for yesterday’s program and saw it. Now, the Guardian article itself makes a very similar comparison. The Guardian quoted the person in charge of one of the pedophilia studies. Her name is Sarah Goode, G-o-o-d-e. Here’s the quote: “The reclassification of pedophilia as a sexual orientation would, however, play into what Goode calls the sexual liberation discourse, which has existed since the seventies. There are a lot of people, she says, who say we outlawed homosexuality and we were wrong. Perhaps we’re wrong about pedophilia.” She made the connection to gays. The story makes the connection to gays.

I didn’t compare pedophilia to gay marriage. All I said was, to those of you who are hearing this — i.e., pedophilia is normal — realize that it’s in a liberal publication and it’s an advocacy story. They’re advocating for it here. Or the people they quote are. It’s the purpose of the study. I didn’t make any of this up. There are people advocating for classifying pedophilia as normal, they did a study. A lot of people. The results of the study. I simply asked you to think what was your first reaction when you heard first about gay marriage? And I said you’re probably having the same reaction here. And gay marriage is now standard, normal operating procedure. This could be, too. Once the left gloms onto something, once they have a cause, they don’t let go of it.

It’s unfortunate that anybody is seemingly advocating for pedophilia, but the attempt to redefine pedophilia has nothing to do with the moral juxtaposition to marriage equality Limbaugh imposed in his analysis. There is no moral comparison to be made between an abusive act that violates a person’s consent and a loving consenting act that harms no one. So long as Limbaugh continues to reinforce the stereotype that there is some kind of connection between homosexuality and pedophilia, he remains guilty of demonizing gay people and misinforming his listeners.