Santa Clarita Councilman Tells Anti-Immigrant Protesters That He’s A ‘Proud Racist’

Yesterday, The Los Angeles Daily News featured a video of Santa Clarita councilman Bob Kellar informing a group of cheering protesters rallying against immigration that he is a “proud racist” who considers being called a radical a “compliment”:

We have got to wake up America. I know you guys are engaged and you understand. But I’m telling you this is serious. And if I sound like a radical, thank you. I consider that a compliment…The only thing I heard back from a couple people was “Bob you sound like a racist.” I said, “That’s good. If that’s what you think I am because I happen to believe in America. I’m a proud racist. You’re darn right I am.”

Watch it:

Though Kellar insists his remarks weren’t intended to “express animosity towards non-whites,” local Democrats describe Kellar’s comments as “symbolic of the Republican Party’s attitudes toward immigration in general.” The rally was organized by several California anti-immigrant groups including the Santa Clarita Valley Independent Minutemen, the Santa Clarita Tea Party, and designated hate group Save Our State.

During his speech, Kellar also stated that “if we would just deal with the illegals, we wouldn’t have a deficit in the state of California.” To a certain extent, Kellar’s analysis isn’t that far off the mark. A recent study by the University of Southern California found that passing immigration reform which includes the creation of a path to legalization for unauthorized immigrants already in the United States could yield up to $16 billion annually for the state of California.