Scandal-Plagued Doolittle Quietly Votes To Protect Ethically-Challenged House Members

Yesterday, the House passed a resolution referring Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA) “to the ethics committee, demanding that the panel report back on whether his expulsion is merited.” The motion, introduced by Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH), was overwhelmingly supported by members of both parties. Only 26 members voted against it.

One of the dissenters is especially conspicuous, as he may one day face a similar predicament to Jefferson: Rep. John Doolittle (R-CA).

Doolittle is currently the subject of a federal investigation over his ties to corrupt lobbyist Jack Abramoff. In April, the FBI raided his Northern Virginia home, after which Doolittle threw his wife Julia under the bus, claiming she was the target of the search. Since then, however, he and his wife have set up separate legal defense funds.

UPDATE: Doolittle attempts to explain his vote here.