Scenes From Anti-Gay Marriage Rally In Albany: ‘They Can Come Out Of It…Just Like Alcoholics’

Good As You’s Jeremy Hooper finds this video of the May 24 “MayDay for Marriage” rally in Albany, New York — an event that was part of a larger tour organized by the Family Research Foundation to oppose marriage equality in the state. Speakers argued that gay people live “broken lives,” compared same-sex marriage to polygamy, incest, and drug use, and even endorsed so-called ex-gay therapy:

— “I pray for those whose lives are broken, who through abuse or some other misuse have reasoned that they can live other than how you’ve designed the human race…the healthiest children of all are those with a mother and a father.”

— “OK, what about polygamy, what about incest? [They say] ‘oh no, that’s different.’ How? On what basis?”

— “I’ve counseled a number of homosexuals to come out….They can come out of it. It’s a mutable trait. Just like alcoholics, drug use, they can come out of it. They need the help of the Lord Jesus Christ to do it….but most of them don’t want to do it, they like it.”


Watch it:

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