Schwarzenegger’s secret message to the state Assembly: ‘F*ck you.’

The California Assembly and Senate recently unanimously approved Assembly Bill 1176 to help the port of San Francisco with financing issues. But Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) has decided to veto the legislation, sending a letter to the state Assembly chastising them for focusing on “unnecessary bills.” The San Francisco Bay Guardian also notes a second, more direct, message hidden in Schwarzenegger’s missive — contained in the first letter of each line:

The author of the Assembly Bill 1176 is Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, who recently shouted out “You lie!” to Schwarzenegger at a public event. Schwarzenegger’s office, however, is insisting that the letter’s coded message was just “a strange coincidence.” “When you do so many vetoes, that’s bound to happen,” said the governor’s spokesman.[featuredcomment]iamwil says: “Hey state Assembly, are you ready to Jumble ? ! ?”[/featuredcomment]