Sean Hannity says Mueller issued indictments to distract Americans from Sean Hannity

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You might think that special counsel Robert Mueller unsealed two indictments and a guilty plea from three former Trump campaign staffers because he has uncovered evidence of crimes — including one Trump adviser who lied to the FBI about his communications with a Russian cutout about stolen Hillary Clinton emails.

But on Monday night Sean Hannity revealed what’s really going on.

Mueller acted, according to Sean Hannity, to “distract” Americans from Sean Hannity’s television program.

Don’t think this is a coincidence,” Hannity said. “Last week right here on this program, we had stunning revelation after revelation, day after day, about Hillary Clinton, Uranium One, the fake news dossier.” 

Why would this compel Mueller to act? Because Sean Hannity was exposing Mueller as complicit in these “crimes,” according to Sean Hannity.

[S]pecial counsel Mueller is clearly complicit in the Uranium One scandal. Remember, he was the FBI director. The FBI informant had all the evidence of bribes and kickbacks and money laundering and he did nothing. So now they need to change the narrative after a very bad week and distract the country from their evidence and their involvement in possible collusion,” Hannity explained. 

The Uranium One “scandal” involves the purchase of a Canadian company by a state-owned Russian entity. The allegation is that Hillary Clinton, then secretary of state, approved the sale in exchange for donations to the Clinton Foundation from Uranium One investors. Clinton, however, did not have the power to approve or block the transaction and nearly all of the donations to the Clinton Foundation were made prior to Clinton becoming secretary of state.

Mueller’s alleged complicity relates to his role as FBI director at the time of the Uranium One transaction. Around that time, the agency was investigating a separate case involving a trucking company that paid kickbacks to Russian officials. In recent days, Hannity and other right-wing figures have argued this makes Mueller complicit in the fake scandal.

This Hannity argues, is what Americans should be talking about, not the court documents filed by Robert Mueller.

“Tonight we have a major crisis in this country. Does America have equal justice under the law? It appears tonight the answer is no,” Hannity said.