Secessionist Group Endorsed Rick Perry in 1998, Citing Apparent Membership In Pro-Confederate Group

Potential GOP presidential candidate Gov. Rick Perry (TX) has an affinity for secession, having floated that prescription for Texas in 2009. But Salon’s Justin Elliott reports that this radical idea might be much more than rhetoric. A voting guide published by the League of the South in 1998 “not only endorses Perry for lieutenant governor” but “describes him as ‘a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.’” The League of the South states its “ultimate goal is a free and independent Southern Republic” and condemns “the American Empire that now occupies the South.” The Texas Sons of Confederate Veterans is currently pushing for confederate flag license plates.



Perry’s office now denies that he was ever a member of SCV. “[T]he governor never joined that group nor has he ever paid any dues to it.”