See, They’re QUIRKY

by Dylan Matthews

First off, thanks to Alyssa for having me. I’m nowhere near the culture maven she is, but I’ll do my best.

So, can we can talk about this?

Yes, kids, that is Ezra Koenig headbanging. And to, yes, a Vampire Weekend song. He also has a “to-do list” from 2006 that includes such items as “Take Ray Bowling” and “Steal Gold.” And he looks unusually smug all the way through.


Let’s be clear. This is a pretty good song, and by and large Vampire Weekend is a good band, albeit one that is all too easy to mock for its over-the-top self-presentation. But the correct response to the perception that your band is too preppy and enamored of its own cuteness does not involve filming a self-consciously whimsical video wherein the lead singer downs a martini while wearing a bow tie.

I’ll give the band a pass for okaying this idea, but director Garth Jennings? On notice.