Sen. Allen On Assault Of Constituent: ‘Things Like That Happen’

CNN just reported the incident in Charlottesville, VA, today where blogger Mike Stark was assaulted by supporters of Sen. George Allen (R-VA). One of CNN’s affiliates asked Allen for comment on the incident, and CNN reported that he responded, “Things like that happen.”

Stark is not, as CNN reported, a “protester.” He is a constituent who was trying to ask Allen a question. Watch it:


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CNN: This is something you have to see, Kyra. We saw Dana Bash’s story dealing with Senator George Allen. He’s making news yet again. This time involving a protester. Take a look at the video. He was campaigning in Charlottesville and a protester came up on him, wanted to talk to him. And you’ll see what happens next.

STARK: He’s my senator. I’m asking a question.

ALLEN SUPPORTER: You going to need to leave, now. Get out the door.

STARK: Are you part of the —

ALLEN SUPPORTER: No I’m not. No, I’m not at all. Let’s move on.

STARK: Senator, did you spit on your first wife.

ALLEN SUPPORTER: Oh now you’re getting personal. Now you’re getting personal. Now you’re getting personal.

STARK: I didn’t touch anybody.

ALLEN SUPPORTER: You need to move him on out of here, now.

STARK: If the hotel asked me to leave, I’d leave.

CNN: So there you have it. A protester trying to get close to Senator George Allen as he was leaving a speaking event. In fact, he was leaving one part of the hotel trying to get to another part to speak with the media when that man approached him. As you can see, Allen’s people tackled him to the ground. Some may call it manhandling him. But when asked a little bit later by one of our affiliates there in Charlottesville about what the Senator thought about what had just happened, he says “things like that happen, obviously.” A very interesting day for him, no doubt. No word on any injuries or anything like that. But obviously, something that you don’t see all the time. And just leads to more controversy surrounding Senator George Allen.