Sen. Cornyn called ‘traitor,’ Gov. Perry booed at July 4 Tea Party protest in Texas.

On Saturday, right-wing astroturf organizers held a number of sparsely-attended anti-tax protests in several locations across the country. At one such event outside the Texas Capitol, Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) was labeled a “traitor” and was “booed at the start and close of his remarks.” Later at the same event, Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) “drew scattered boos, notably from crowd members aware of his advocacy of toll roads to relieve traffic congestion.” Watch Cornyn’s hecklers:

FOX 7 Austin | KTBCLocal FOX affiliate in Austin, Texas. Local news, weather, sports, TV listings and much morewww.myfoxaustin.comLast week, Cornyn expressed a bit of anxiety about how he would be received by the crowd, saying, “I don’t yet know exactly what it’s going to be like.” He asked a reporter, “What do you think? You think it’s going to be OK? I’m waiting to see. I didn’t want to come some place that I wasn’t wanted.”