Sen. Joe Lieberman: Fox News ‘Is My Favorite,’ ‘Anything Rupert Murdoch Owns’

This morning, Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) took to Don Imus’s radio show to discuss the WikiLeaks story. Lieberman did little to dissuade his critics on the left when he declared that his favorite television channels are “Fox Business” and “Fox generally, anything Rupert Murdoch owns”:

LIEBERMAN: Incidentally, I heard last night, I was watching CNN and Joe Jones was on and he was doing the 10 o’clock news show and he said that CNN had been offered these documents by WikiLeaks or a third party, but had turned it down because they refused to sign a pledge granting the source anonymity, which the Times did. And I give CNN and whoever else turned it down credit for doing that. The New York Times’ hands are dirty in this and they should have said ‘no.’

IMUS: I hate CNN and I wish you hadn’t brought that up.

LIEBERMAN: I’m sorry about that! It just happened. But of course, really, Fox Business is my favorite and Fox generally, anything Rupert Murdoch owns.


Watch here:

Last week, Fox refused to run advertisements that favored ending Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (Lieberman is trying to repeal DADT). The week before that, Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes declared that President Obama is “a failed socialist,” despite his network’s mantra of being “fair and balanced.” And finally, during the recent election, Murdoch, who owns Fox’s parent company News Corp., made two separate million-dollar contributions to the Republican Governors Association and the Chamber of Commerce, which smeared Democrats using unlimited corporate donations without disclosing its donors. Though the network’s actions are antithetical to the beliefs of progressives, it is unsurprising that Lieberman voiced his unequivocal support for Fox and Murdoch, given his history as a constant thorn in the side of liberals.