Sen. McCain Admits Government Spending Plays Major Role In Helping Economy, Creating Jobs

GREAT FALLS, Montana — Government spending plays a key role in creating jobs and helping the economy.

If that sentence sounds uncontroversial, it should. And yet, the GOP has argued since the day Barack Obama took office that government spending neither creates jobs nor helps the economy.

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) inadvertently undercut the GOP message at a town hall on Friday. Discussing the sequestration, which will cut $1.2 trillion in defense and non-defense discretionary spending to help pay down the national debt, McCain warned of the looming consequences of removing that sum from the economy. “That kind of hit can have serious, serious consequences to our economy,” the Arizona Senator said, arguing that “over one million jobs” could be lost without sustained government spending.

McCAIN: We need to make the American people aware of the effects of this draconian measure, not only on our ability to defend this nation, but it means over one million jobs and as I mentioned, about $1 trillion effect on our economy. I don’t have to tell anybody here that our economy is fragile now. That kind of hit can have serious, serious consequences to our economy.


Watch it:

To learn more about how government spending helps the economy and why the 2009 stimulus worked, watch this short video featuring the Center for American Progress’ Director of Tax and Budget Policy Michael Linden.