Sen. McConnell On Whether The Massachusetts Mandate Is A Tax: Ask Romney

Ever since the Supreme Court upheld the individual mandate in the Affordable Care Act as constitutional under Congress’ power to tax, Republicans have gone into full gear falsely characterizing the law as a “massive tax hike” on the middle class. But on Fox News Sunday today, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) refused to say whether or the individual mandate in Massachusetts — implemented by Mitt Romney — is also, therefore, a tax:

HOST CHRIS WALLACE: You didn’t answer my direct question: If the Obama mandate is a tax on the middle class, is the Romney mandate a tax on the middle class?

MCCONNELL: Well, I think Governor Romney will have to speak for himself about what was done in Massachusetts. I can tell you that every single Democratic senator voted for this tax increase and these $500 billion cuts in Medicare and it will be a huge issue in 2012. The Chief Justice has, in effect, said this will be decided by the American people. That’s why we have elections.

Watch it:


In Massachusetts, less than 1 percent of the populace wound up paying the penalty for not having health insurance following the implementation of an individual mandate. Meanwhile, the Affordable Care Act will actually cut taxes for millions of middle-class families.