Senate Conservatives Aggressively Obstructing Critical Legislation

Senate conservatives in the 110th Congress are obstructing and blocking legislation at a rate more than double that of the past two Congresses combined.

During the first six months of the current Congress, there have been 13 cloture votes on motions to proceed — “each one wasting days of Senate time.” In comparison, there were just four cloture votes on motions to proceed during the the first sessions of the 108th and 109th Congresses combined.

The result: The House of Representatives has passed 239 pieces of legislation during the 110th Congress yet few have made it through the Senate, with conservatives “objecting to just about every major piece of legislation” that Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has tried to bring up.

Watch a video highlighting their obstruction:


The legislation being blocked by right-wing senators has broad public support:

— Conservatives blocked debate on raising the minimum wage (54–43, Roll Call Vote #23) — Conservatives blocked debate ethics reforms (Rejected 51–46, Roll Call Vote #16) — Conservatives blocked debate on funding for renewable energy (Rejected 57–36, Roll Call Vote #223) — Conservatives blocked a vote on funding for the intelligence community (Rejected 41–40, Roll Call Vote #130) — Conservatives delayed legislation fulfilling the 9/11 Commission recommendations (Passed 97–0, Roll Call Vote #53)

In April, Senate Minority Whip Trent Lott (R-MS) acknowledged, “The strategy of being obstructionist can work or fail… so far it’s working for us.” It just isn’t working for the American people.