Senate passes ‘Wounded Warrior’ bill.

The Senate passed legislation today to overhaul military health care and increase troop pay by 3.5 percent for members of the military. The pay raise would take effect at the beginning of 2008.

Read Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-NV) statement:

I remain deeply disappointed in some of the conditions I saw earlier this year at Walter Reed Medical Center — just one deficiency among many across our veterans’ health care system — and I am proud that the Senate today has passed the Wounded Warriors Act to address those problems. It is our duty to ensure our courageous service-members do not fall through the cracks when they need that care the most.

This bill will improve the substandard facilities like those at Walter Reed, expand medical care for veterans, bridge gaps between the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs, and resolve inadequate severance pay. And despite the President’s objection, we are also giving our troops a well-deserved pay raise. Since taking over the majority, Democrats have provided billions of dollars to help our veterans because Americans willing to pay the ultimate price for our nation should receive the care they deserve, from enlistment to retirement and beyond.