Senate Should Vote on a Public Option

An eminently reasonable request from Chris Bowers:

No matter what happens in the Finance committee, it is essential that there is a vote on health care reform with a robust public option on the floor of the Senate. If Democratic Senators can keep saying that their aren’t enough votes to pass a public option, and if they aren’t going to include on in their health care “reform” package, then at the very least they should have the decency to tell us which Democratic Senators were actually opposed to the public option.


Members of congress, and especially senators, have a very annoying habit of trying to avoid accepting responsibility for their own decisions. Instead of “I don’t want a public option” you get a lot of talk about vote counts and bipartisanship. And if the votes aren’t there, the votes aren’t there. But we should get a definitive view of who the people are who are making the decisions that are making it the case that the votes aren’t there.