Sessions congratulates Lilly Ledbetter for law in her name that he opposed.

In 2009, Congress passed a law named after former Goodyear plant manager Lilly Ledbetter to help ensure that women are not discriminated against on the job. After nearly 20 years working at a plant in Alabama, Ledbetter found out she was being paid far less than her 15 male counterparts and sued. Eventually, the Supreme Court ruled against her. Congress then took up a bill to fight wage discrimination, and President Obama made it the first bill he signed into law. Yesterday, the Senate Judiciary Committee heard testimony from Ledbetter during Elena Kagan’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) praised Ledbetter’s namesake bill, congratulating her on “moving the Congress”:

SESSIONS: Ms. Ledbetter, ­good ­to ­see­ you. I ­went ­past ­that ­Goodyear­ plant­ a­ lot ­of ­times,­ according ­to ­my ­wife, from Gadsden, who grew up in Gadsden. And congratulations on moving the Congress to alter the law in a way that, I think, will not allow that kind of thing to happen again.

Watch it:


It’s ironic that Sessions would laud Ledbetter’s efforts, considering he was one only 23 senators to vote against Ledbetter’s bill. (HT: Aaron Blake)