Sessions urged Bush to ignore ‘political factors’ and name far-right nominees, now whines about Obama nominees.

As part of their efforts to “obstruct and delay” the implementation of President Obama’s legislative agenda, congressional Republicans have been increasingly throwing up roadblocks to the confirmation of Obama’s nominees. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), who has opposed multiple Obama nominees, told CQ Politics that “there is a growing frustration in the Judiciary Committee about a pattern of far-left nominees.” “I believe the president deserves deference, but he’s about used all the deference he’s going to get out of me,” said Sessions. But Sessions sang a different tune when President Bush was in office, urging him to push through far-right nominees:

Mr Bush has to balance the prospect of dividing the nation with the possibility of alienating the fundamentalist, Christian base which supported him in such numbers during the presidential election and now seek payback.

“Conservative groups believe that the president should just do what he promised,” said the Alabama republican senator Jeff Sessions, who would like to see a candidate to the right of Mr Gonzales.

“He was crystal clear on his vision of the appropriate qualities of a judge,” he said. “He can’t allow personal or short-term political factors to override his commitment.”