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Okay, I don’t mean share this post, but I did want to highlight some more changes to this site that readers have been requesting — and another way you can help Climate Progress spread climate realism.

Readers asked for an email and a print button, so I have gone back to the “Share this” button widely used by other blogs. I stopped using it a while back because it was being misused by spammers and because it has too many social media links.

If you click on — or Mouse over — the new “Share This” button and then click on “Email,” you can now send any post to your friends (or to your enemies, if that’s the kind of person you are). At a loss as to what post to send? Look no further than the “Most popular posts” feature on the right. These now include a variety of introductory posts for newcomers.

We also pared down the social media to just the two that have driven the most traffic here — Digg and Stumbleupon:

  • Digg is probably the most popular web site for getting recommended web reading, especially in the area of technology and science. It can drive a lot of traffic if a post catches fire there (after it catches fire here).
  • StumbleUpon will launch you on a journey of serendipity to find new web sites that match your interests. ClimateProgress already has some StumbleUpon fans “” we typically get several hundred links from the site per month.

If you have never tried one of those sites, my guess is you’ll find them useful. If enough people vote for a post, it gets brought to the attention of people using that site.

Join one now and thank me later!