Sheriff Attempts To Avoid Occupy Protests By Evicting Atlanta Family Fighting Foreclosure At 3 AM

An Atlanta-area family facing foreclosure was evicted early Wednesday morning as sheriff’s deputies attempted to avoid activists affiliated with the Occupy Our Homes movement. Christine Frazer received a foreclosure notice on her home from One Corporation in October 2011 and has been fighting it in federal court ever since.

Protesters set up camp outside her home in January, but around 3 a.m. Wednesday morning, only one protester was present. At that point, between 25 and 30 sheriff’s deputies descended “from every direction” on the home, a group spokesperson said, and evicted the family. Atlanta’s WSB-TV reports:

Around 3 a.m., deputies turned out in large numbers at the home on Wellhaun Road. Later, members of Occupy Atlanta showed up to rally against the eviction. […]

Her lawyer, Joshua Davis, said the eviction shouldn’t have happened because of the pending litigation.

They treated my client like she was some type of drug dealer, some type of criminal, came in as if they were executing a warrant to find drugs. It makes no sense,” Davis said.

According to Occupy Our Homes, four generations of Frazer’s family — including her 83-year-old mother and four-year-old grandson — were evicted in the middle of the night. Sheriff’s deputies then took her dogs to the pound and blocked off the street, refusing to allow anyone to secure the family’s possessions that remained in the house. Frazier was able to stay with a friend but was “completely distressed” throughout the day Wednesday, according to a spokesperson for Occupy Our Homes. Protesters were able to gather and salvage her belongings.


Protesters went to the DeKalb County executive’s office yesterday and were told the sheriff’s department was carrying out a judge’s orders, the spokesperson said, but they received no further information. Occupiers are planning to meet with Frazier this afternoon to discuss how they plan to move forward.