She’s the One Who’s Tattooed On His Arm

I have to say, I would be really curious to know who Kelis’ stylist is during this period in her career. I like the sound of “Acapella” a lot, but the clothes are distracting. Even though I don’t always love what Lady Gaga wears, I can usually trace the references and the intended message, but I’m having some trouble discerning what I’m supposed to take away from this:


It appears that it’s going to be similar for “4th of July”:

This is a little more restrained, there’s definitely something nineties in that knit dress, but the juxtaposition of the little hat with the nose ring is still a little much. But the truth is, she’s touring with Robyn this summer and they’re stopping in DC. This may all be a little weird, but given how awesome that ticket will be together, I can probably forgive her almost any sartorial sins.