Shift in public view of whether Obama is giving ‘too little’ or ‘too much’ attention” to global warming

Although it didn’t get a lot of attention last week, an NBC/WSJ poll of 1000 adults did have some interesting findings for climate change.

The pollsters had asked respondents “if you think Barack Obama is giving too much attention to this issue, too little attention to this issue, or the right amount of attention to this issue.”

Back in January 2010, it was 27% “too little” and 29% “too much” and 37% “right amount.”

But now it is 35% “too little” and 22% “too much” and 39% “right amount.”


Not a huge shift, but still pretty impressive given that the disinformers have almost certainly outspent the pro-science crowd in the past 6 to 9 months, especially counting all of the brutal ‘cap-and-tax’ ads run by the likes of the Chamber of Commerce in the campaign.

This also seems to match the recent Gallup poll (see Gallup poll: Public understanding of global warming gains).

I’m not certain what might be driving this, since there really hasn’t been all lot of media coverage of global warming. Perhaps it is all of the extreme weather, which the public and the media is starting to connect to climate change: