Site redesign coming — any suggestions?

The IT and web design wizards at the Center for American Progress Action Fund are going to give Climate Progress the first real facelift in more than two years. I am not a person who is particularly visual or expert on web design, so I welcome comments — though it must be said that this will not be a major rehab effort.

Obviously, websites are typically about an inch wider these days. That will be the major change, which will in turn enable us to completely redo the right-hand column.

We’ll move the ad to the right where it will not break up the flow of posts and will generate considerably more page views. Also, we’ll dump the news feed — unless there are very serious objections out there — since the CAPAF interns are helpfully providing what seems to be a more useful extended news highlights of the day. And I’ll turn the archives and Blog Roll into a single line each, the way websites like Wonk Room do.

I’ll probably move the Friedman quote over to the right hand column along with the other recognition the blog has been getting recently. The Time magazine cover will be dropped.


I don’t expect the overall banner design and color scheme to change much, although I’d like it to be thinner (flatter).

If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them. I can’t promise they will be used, but I can promise they will be considered.