Sleeper Agents Come to Showtime

The 2004 remake of The Manchurian Candidate is one of very few movies I’ve ever walked out of, so I’m intrigued to see that Showtime’s Homeland appears to be a season-long a variation on the sleeper-agent story:


The show comes from 24 executive producers Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon, so it remains to be seen where the show comes down on torture. From trailers, it looks like the potential mole’s status as a war hero precludes Claire Danes’ agent from going hard on him or anyone else, leaving her to rely on conventional investigative techniques. And of course, her character is also supposed to suffer from bipolar disorder, which is a convenient way to give her credibility issues with her superiors at Homeland Security. I’m curious to see how this comes together. Because it’s not on a network, it’s unlikely to have as significant a cultural impact as 24, but it still would be nice to see a show build the case for investigative work and targeted actions as a response to terrorism, rather than all-out war.