Smearing of Shinseki

Feb. 25, 2003: Shinseki Suggests “Several Hundred Thousand Soldiers” Needed To Secure Iraq

“Something on the order of several hundred thousand soldiers, are probably, you know, a figure that would be required. We’re talking about post-hostilities control over a piece of geography that’s fairly significant with the kinds of ethnic tensions that could lead to other problems. And so, it takes significant ground force presence to maintain safe and secure environment to ensure that the people are fed, that water is distributed, all the normal responsibilities that go along with administering a situation like this.” [Sen. Armed Services Committee testimony, 2/25/03]

Feb. 27, 2003: Wolfowitz Blasts Shinseki

“Mr. Wolfowitz, the deputy defense secretary, opened a two-front war of words on Capitol Hill, calling the recent estimate by Gen. Eric K. Shinseki of the Army that several hundred thousand troops would be needed in postwar Iraq, ‘wildly off the mark.’” [NYT, 2/28/03]

March 19, 2003: Pentagon Smears Shinseki

“A senior Pentagon official dismissed General Shinseki’s comments as ‘bullshit from a Clintonite enamored of using the army for peacekeeping and nation-building and not winning wars.’” [Village Voice, 3/19/03]

March 29, 2003: Rumsfeld Turned Shinseki Into Lame Duck Over Disagreements

“For the past two years Gen Shinseki has been in total eclipse after what appears to have been the most spectacular bust-up with his civilian bosses, in particular Donald Rumsfeld, the defence secretary. … [H]e had already been turned into a lame duck (‘castrated’, according to the same Pentagon source) by the apparently unprecedented Rumsfeld decision to announce his successor 18 months in advance.” [Guardian, 3/29/03]

April 10, 2004: Smear of Shinseki Silenced U.S. Commanders in Iraq

“Some officers say privately that the rebuke has intimidated commanders in Iraq.” [Washington Times, 4/10/04]