Snow: Michelle Malkin Is A Soldier In The ‘New Media War’ On Biased Iraq Coverage

The American public overwhelmingly opposes Bush’s handling of the war in Iraq and the White House blames the media. Yesterday on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show, Tony Snow vowed to fight a “new media war” to combat the coverage:

HH: All right, yesterday, the President also mentioned that there will be lots of carnage on television screens. Is the administration, and especially the Pentagon, prepared to fight the new media war when that starts to happen, Tony Snow?

TS: We’ve been fighting it. I mean, it’s not that it has started to happen, it’s been going on for some time.

Snow specifically cited right-wing blogger Michelle Malkin, who is currently embedded in Iraq, as a soldier for truth in the “media war”:


What is interesting, Hugh, and you know this as well as anybody else, you’re also starting to see little glimmers of guys like Michael Yon and others who get over there and they basically embed themselves in Iraq, and Michelle Malkin’s over there now.

Several times during the interview, Tony Snow referenced Malkin’s work on the Jamil Hussein “story.”

Michelle Malkin has been obsessed in recent months claiming that Hussein — an Iraqi policeman cited as a source by the Associated Press in a story about the burning of six people during a sectarian attack — does not exist. The Iraqi government recently debunked the conspiracy theory, acknowledging that the AP’s source was in fact a police officer in Iraq.