Snow: President Bush Has ‘Actually Taken The Lead’ On Climate Change

Today White House Press Secretary Tony Snow stated that “contrary to stereotype,” President Bush has been “actively engaged in trying to fight climate change.” He also took issue with a reporter’s comment that the United States has been absent from a global emissions and cap trade program, arguing that the Bush administration has “actually taken the lead on those kinds of innovations.” Watch it:


President Bush has taken very little real action to fight climate change and even refuses to admit that it is manmade. He broke his promise to cap carbon emissions and insists that global warming can be fought through individual “voluntary” programs.

Despite being the world’s biggest emitter of greenhouse gases, the United States has refused to participate in the Kyoto Protocol, an international agreement that assigns mandatory targets for the reduction of greenhouse gases. Between 1990 and 2004, emissions of all industrialized countries decreased by 3.3 percent, but in U.S. emissions grew by almost 16 percent in that same period and now accounts for approximately two-fifths of the industrialized world’s greenhouse gases.


The rest of the world is leading and the Bush administration isn’t following.Digg It!

Full transcript below:

SNOW: The President has in fact, contrary to stereotype, been actively engaged in trying to fight climate change and will continue to do so.

REPORTER: The one area that is notably absent and that even Shell Oil and other major players are calling for is a global mandatory emissions cap and trade program. Unless do you this on an international basis, it’s not in the long-term economic interest of the United States, which seems to be one of your arguments that somehow will benefit the United States in the long-term.

SNOW: Well, what the United States has done is we have actually taken the lead on those kinds of innovations.