Snow Snipes At CNN’s Malveaux: ‘Your Credibility Ratings Are Lower Than The President’

On CNN’s The Situation Room yesterday, Tony Snow got testy in an interview with Suzanne Malveaux, snidely telling her, “Your credibility ratings, journalists credibility ratings, are lower than the President’s.”

Malveaux was asking Snow about a New York Times/CBS News poll that found 71% of American’s disapprove of how President Bush is handling Iraq.

But Snow wouldn’t accept the poll’s low numbers, arguing that the poll “also says most Americans think the surge is working.” When Malveaux pressed him again on the numbers, Snow continued to spin, saying that Americans also disapprove of Congress and the media:

SNOW: I know, I know, but you know what? They also have higher disapproval rates for Congress. The people here are tired of the atmosphere in Washington.


MALVEAUX: But I want to talk about the President.

SNOW: Ok, but Suzanne, I’m talking to you about the facts on the ground. The President’s gonna talk about the surge, and I’ve told you, what you’ve done is you’ve selected a popularity number. What I’ve done is taken something a lot more precise, which “is the surge working?”

MALVEAUX: How does the president regain the credibility that he needs to convince the American people that that’s true?

SNOW: Well, you know what, Suzanne? Your credibility, journalists credibility ratings, are lower than the President’s.

Watch it:


Today marks White House press secretary Tony Snow’s last official day on the job. Throughout his tenure as Press Secretary, Snow has routinely used personal attacks to avoid answering hard questions about his boss’s lackluster performance in office:

– “Well, thank you for the Hezbollah view,” Snow told columnist Helen Thomas. [7/18/06]

– “Zip it,” Snow demanded of CNN’s Ed Henry after he asked a critical question. [3/19/07]

– The American people “think that you guys are focused on defeat,” Snow said to the press corp when asked about Iraq. [7/11/07]

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