Socialism World Tour Now Ending

Flying back to Dulles Airport and the United States of America. Some thoughts:

— I felt much more cultural distance between Germans and Americans than I’d seen in any other European country. The population of Germany seems really determined to live up to all stereotypes.

— I’ve never really understood why European toilets are flimsy and plastic; alternatively, I don’t understand why American toilets are so heavy.

— Denmark has more admirable public policy than Sweden, but Stockholm seems like a more fun city than Copenhagen.


— I got kind of rushed through Hamburg on buses and tour boats and I wish I’d had more chance to walk around, it looked like an interesting city.

— Definitely looking forward to America’s large, comfortable mattresses; also NFL!

— European elevator signs always seem very optimistic about the number of people who can squeeze into a given space; even considering that Europeans are thinner I can’t see it working.

— Germany, Denmark, and Sweden all seem united in the odd conviction that it’s reasonable for the same place to serve both pizza and kebabs.

Now back to America in time for Columbus Day. Watch out for my deadly, deadly smallpox.