Soltz to Senor: ‘You can’t spin me a third time.’

Last night on Hannity and Colmes, Iraq war vet and VoteVets founder Jon Soltz debated Dan Senor, former senior adviser to Paul Bremer in Iraq. When Senor told Soltz “you got to admit” progress is being made in Iraq, Soltz responded:

When you were in Iraq, I believed you. I trusted you. Our soldiers needed your leadership. You told us weapons of mass destruction, we’ve turned the corner in Iraq. So I’m not going to sit here and be lectured by someone like you. I just can’t have that. I can be lectured by Gen. Petraeus, I can be lectured by our generals. But you spun me once, you spun me twice, you can’t spin me a third time.

Later, Soltz argued that recent ads by Freedom’s Watch are “completely misleading” because there was “no connection between 9/11 and Iraq.” Those soldiers “have been misled by people like Dan Senor,” Soltz said. Watch it: