Solving a Worker Shortage

Rick Santorum says we need to cut Social Security because “there aren’t enough workers to support retirees.”

Dan Savage sensibly suggests that we get some more workers:

If only there were a large country, maybe adjacent to ours, that was home to a lot of people who wanted to come to the United States to live and work. And if the people in this hypothetically adjacentish country tended to have large families, and tended to be religious, social conservatives would no doubt to create a path to citizenship for folks from this hypothetical country. Because American needs more people, right?

Or we could even get workers from some country that’s not Mexico! Many Americans seem to have gotten it into their heads that Mexico is a cesspool of unimaginable poverty, but its per capita GDP is actually above average. It’s just the only poor country whose physical location makes “sneak across the border into the USA” look like an attractive option. The point is that it’s absurd for the country to be simultaneously suffering from an illegal immigration problem and a population growth shortfall. Let people come, and let them work, and let them pay taxes, and let everyone get their retirement payments.