Some Members of Evan Bayh’s New Anti-Progressive Caucus Too Frightened to Admit Membership

It’s been known for a while now that Senator Evan Bayh (D-IN) has been planning to form a caucus of “moderate” Senate Democrats hoping to soak up special interest cash in exchange for blocking the progressive agenda. I’m told he more formally announced the formation of this group this morning, on Morning Joe, to acclaim from Joe Scarborough and Pat Buchanan. It’s nice to see that Bayh isn’t even pretending that what he’s advancing is some alternative vision of progressive change — it’s something he expects, rightly, die-hard rightwingers to find pleasant. The hilarious catch, however, is that when Bayh was asked to name the members of his new Obstruction Caucus he couldn’t name them all. Apparently “three or four” members of the group are part of a Chickenshit Subcaucus who want to block the change America needs but don’t want to be publicly identified as belonging to the group! After all, Barack Obama is popular! And his agenda is popular! So if you choose to oppose it, you might face political problems. So better to keep the sabotage secret.

It’s nice work if you can get it.

For special bonus ax-grinding, note that Bayh is, along with some other members of the Obstruction Caucus, an “honorary co-chair” of Third Way which is, as we all know, a valuable partner in pushing for progressive values.



Here’s Bayh on Morning Joe:

Change I can believe in.