Some thought-provoking blogs

I recently “won” a Thinking Blogger award — not exactly the Nobel Prize but you take what you can get in the blogosphere.

Even my modest amount of modesty forbids me from repeating what Michael Connelly at Corrections Sentencing blog had to say about ClimateProgress. All I’ll say about Michael Connelly is that I don’t even know him, and this was the first I even heard of his blog, a “place for corrections/sentencing policy readers seeking latest information and research” — not really my forte.

But someone gave him a Thinking Blogger award and this award is sort of a virtual chain letter. So here are the five blogs I would give the thinking blogger award to:

  • I am picking only one blog from The Top Ten Climate Blogs. RealClimate features the most thought-provoking climate scientists blogging today, and its long, long comment streams are equally thought-provoking.
  • The Intersection: One of my favorite blogs — probably the one that inspired me to become a blogger. This is the blog of Chris Mooney, he of The Republican War on Science and Storm World.
  • ThinkProgress: The best political blog — okay, maybe I’m biased, but it is the one I turn to the most.
  • Science Progress: Okay, definitely I’m biased, but this is a terrific new blog for those interested in the progressive perspective on science.
  • Problogger: The first blog to turn to if you want to start your own blog — which I think these days is just about everyone.