Speaker At Romney Event Promotes Obama Phone Myth

Two introductory speakers at a Mitt Romney event in Tampa, Florida portrayed President Obama’s voters as dependent on government hand outs on Wednesday, and claimed that Democrats are rewarding early voters with free “cell phones”:

— Dana Young, Florida State Rep: “If you believe the American people, who are hurting right now, want real work and not just a pat on the back and a government check, the answer is Mitt Romney.”

— Adam Putnam, Florida Commissioner of Agriculture: “We can’t just show up and cheer and slap a bumper sticker on the back of our car and say, we’re done. We got to drag people to the polls, that’s what they’re doing. We don’t have to offer them cell phones like they’re doing, but by golly, take people to the polls.”

Watch it:

Conservative groups and websites have jumped on the racially charged ‘Obama Phone’ myth — the false claim that the administration is rewarding supporters with free telephones — in an effort to portray Democrats as moochers, though this may be the first time the claim was used at an official GOP campaign event.


Romney gave Putnam a shout out during the event, identifying him as a co-chair of the campaign’s Farmers and Ranchers For Romney Coalition.