Sports Illustrated sends clueless supermodels to soon-to-be-inundated Maldives for a blissfully ignorant photo shoot

“We’re kind of channeling, like I said, that old ’70s, ’80s sort of really happy, sunny feeling.”

I apologize in advance for posting a video that some will see as objectifying women — a debate we’ve already had here (see “Supermodel: Why I Took It Off For Climate Change”).

But I think this is a shocking video that must be seen for how it objectifies the Maldives — using the vanishing islands in the Swimsuit Edition as a back drop whose beauty can be exploited and discarded by the priveleged super-rich whose blissfully ignorant comments are so unintentionally ironic that you’d almost think you were watching a video from The Onion:

The Maldives have an average elevation of four feet, which means it is exceedingly difficult to see how they can possibly survive the century, given humanity’s myopic refusal to dramatically reverse emissions trends (see “Sea levels may rise 3 times faster than IPCC estimated, could hit 6 feet by 2100”). And that’s why their President said he would “try to find a new homeland for Maldivians somewhere else in the world, on higher ground” (see “Prudent planning: President of Maldives wants to move his island nation”).

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with doing a photo-shoot for the Swimsuit Edition on the Maldivies. But what’s terribly wrong here is for Sports Illustrated to put on the web a video that makes clear its featured supermodels are blissfully unaware of what’s coming, like modern-day Marie Antoinettes and Madame de Pompadours:

Brooklyn Decker: “We’re kind of channeling, like I said, that old ’70s, ’80s sort of really happy, sunny feeling.

Seriously. You simply cannot go to the Maldives and do a photo shoot and make the theme this happy, sunny BS, like nothing is wrong.

Dominique Pielk: “We got really spoiled on this trip. We’re just rolling around in the sand, splashing around in the water. It’s supposed to be fun.”

Spoiled indeed. Apr¨s moi, le d©luge — though even that line presupposes the speaker has a clue what’s coming.

Christine Teigen: “Everything is just beautiful. Everything is taking its time here. And it’s gorgeous.

You cannot make this stuff up. “Everything is taking its time here”?! The whole friggin’ place is going under, most of it likely by the end of the century. Nothing is “taking its time” there!


Shame on Sports Illustrated for putting out this video, for putting such embarrassingly uninformed supermodels in front of the camera. I suppose this shoot could have been an opportunity to educate their readers about the real-time catastrophe the islands face and who knows, perhaps the Swimsuit Edition will do that, but it’s hard to believe based on this video.

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