“Start Over”

Whenever you’re faced with an important, multifaceted issue you’re going to have large, multi-faceted bills in response. Which means that pretty much any reasonable person will find a thing or two in it to find objectionable or inadequate. But a legislator who says his problem with a given bill is this one thing in particular is naturally faced with the question “okay, if we change that, will you vote for the bill?” And facing that kind of question is inimical to Mitch McConnell’s “block everything, all the time” legislative strategy. So time and again the right has hit upon the “start over” talking point. They don’t want to say they’ll oppose everything no matter what it says, but they also don’t want to commit to specific objections. We saw it with the stimulus, we saw it with the Affordable Care Act, and now we’re seeing it with regulating Wall Street.

My colleague Victor Zapanta has a fun video compilation:

This time around, though, it doesn’t seem to be working nearly as well, perhaps because people realize we’ve seen this movie before.