State LGBT Watch: Civil Union Legislation Moving In Deleware And Colorado

While equality inches forward in some states, echoes of inequality freshly resound in others. Here’s a round-up of the latest.

– DELAWARE: The Senate Administration and Elections Committee approved the bill and it now moves to the Senate floor for consideration. “The bill restricts civil unions in Delaware to same-sex couples, keeping marriage under state law limited to opposite-sex couples.”

– ARKANSAS: The Arkansas legislature has passed an anti-bullying law that enumerates the attributes of sexual orientation and gender identity (PDF). Meanwhile, the Arkansas Supreme Court recently heard arguments in the challenge against the ban on same-sex adoption voted into effect in 2008.

– COLORADO: Hearings begin tomorrow in the House for the civil unions bill that passed in the Senate last week.


– INDIANA: A constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage has passed both houses. It will need to be passed again in 2013–2014 to complete the amendment process.

– MARYLAND: A bill that would prohibit discrimination based on gender identity has hit a snag in the Senate that may lead to the bill’s death in a committee “graveyard.”

– MONTANA: Efforts to repeal the state’s anti-sodomy laws are struggling despite having been ruled unconstitutional 14 years ago.

– NORTH CAROLINA: A constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage has been introduced and is currently in committee.

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