State Marriage Watch: Court Denies Prop 8 Plaintiffs Request To Allow Marriages To Resume In California

Civil Unions made a big step forward in Colorado while same-sex marriage took a big step back in Indiana. That’s in today’s State Marriage Watch:

CALIFORNIA: The Ninth Circuit has denied a request to lift the stay on same-sex marriages while Proposition 8 is appealed.

COLORADO: The Colorado Senate approved a second reading of SB 172, which would allow same-sex couples (or any two unmarried adults) to obtain a civil union. Meanwhile, the Colorado House approved a second reading of HB-1254, an anti-bullying bill for Colorado schools.

DELAWARE: A bill has been introduced in the legislature to allow for civil unions, and Governor Markell has offered his support for the bill.


INDIANA: Indiana’s Senate Judiciary Committee voted 7–3 to move a same-sex marriage ban forward, despite a poll this week showing a plurality of Hoosiers oppose the ban.

MARLYAND: Despite recent setbacks on the marriage equality bill, a bill that would prohibit discrimination based on gender identity passed out of the Government Operations Subcommittee of the Health and Government Operations Committee.

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