State Stats: New Hampshire

Here is a by-the-numbers examination of what the McCain-Palin agenda would mean for the people of New Hampshire.

840,000 people in New Hampshire, including approximately 310,000 women, have employer-based health insurance and are at risk of losing it under John McCain’s plan. [Source: CAPAF 1, 2]

300,000 people in New Hampshire, including around 160,000 women, with pre-existing conditions, currently covered by their employer, would find it particularly expensive or even impossible to get coverage under John McCain’s plan. [Source: CAPAF 1, 2]

— A New Hampshire couple making $60,000 a year will see their taxes go up by $700 by 2013 under John McCain’s health plan. [Source: CAPAF]


— The average New Hampshire worker has seen their real wages increase $2,800 since 2000. From 1992 to 1999 real median family income rose $8,100 across the Northeast. (New Hampshire-only data unavailable.) [Source: Census 1,2]

— New Hampshire taxpayers will spend $200 million on subsidies for big oil and gas companies under John McCain over the next five years. [Source: CAPAF]

— New Hampshire taxpayers are paying approximately $50 million a month for the war in Iraq. [CAPAF analysis of CACN]

— Since 2003, New Hampshire taxpayers have paid $3.4 billion for the Iraq war. [CAPAF analysis of CACN]