Steele fearmongers on health care reform, warns of ‘health police’ who will enforce yearly physicals.

This morning, RNC Chairman Michael Steele hosted Bill Bennett’s radio show. When a caller, who identified himself as a doctor, asked how President Obama would “mandate” preventive care, Steele declared that the government would impose a “national ID system” that would contain every American’s health information “on a grid.” He warned that this system — completely fabricated by Steele — would result in the “health police” enforcing everyone’s yearly check-up:

STEELE: Well you’ll get issued, Doc, you’re gonna issue, to your patients, a health care card that’s gonna be part of a national ID system that, you know, every time I charge something or use that card, it’s going to show up on a grid what I’ve done and what I have failed to do, according to the government plan. So the government will know whether or not I’ve had my physical at the appropriate time and then probably some health police will come knocking on my door telling me I’m now costing the system money because I haven’t, you know, gone and done my preventive care.

Listen to it:


Needless to say, no one is proposing the creation of a “health police.” Steele’s fearmongering is his latest effort to block meaningful health care reform from passing this year.