Steele: ‘I’m the gift that keeps on giving.’

David Corn of Mother Jones caught up with RNC Chairman Michael Steele at the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner on Saturday. He jokingly thanked Steele for providing so much fodder for political journalists, to which the chairman replied:

He leaned back, pulling himself to his full height, and, laughing, proclaimed, “I’m the gift that keeps on giving.” Almost as if he were proud of that. Certainly, he was was just engaging in that self-deprecating humor that pols are taught to deploy. But it struck me as odd that he would beam so much as he said that. I wondered about the guy.

“I’ve always been of the view,” I said, “that party chairs ought not to be seen or heard but should stick to managing the party mostly behind the scenes.” Hint, hint.

“That’s what I keep telling them,” he said. Them? I wasn’t sure who “them” was. But it seemed as if he meant Republican insiders. And that was odd.