Steele on serving as RNC chair: God has ‘placed me here for a reason.’

In recent days, Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele has been under fire from members of his own Party for making controversial public statements, such as ones that show a lack of confidence in the GOP’s readiness to lead. Yesterday he tried to defend himself by (falsely) stating, “I mean, I didn’t ask for, I didn’t seek this job, I didn’t ask for it.” Today, Steele told the Christian Broadcasting Network that he believes that it was God who put him in the position “for a reason”:

STEELE: I’m not defined by this job. When this job is over I will go back to doing something else. But God, I really believe, has placed me here for a reason because who else and why else would you do this unless there’s something inside of you that says right now you need to be here to do this?

Watch it:

The Minnesota Independent points out that Steele’s statement “mirrors those of fellow Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann, who has asserted several times that she went into politics because God asked her to.”