Steele urges Democrats to pass health care bill without Republicans.

Michael Steele has spent a lot of time in his short tenure as RNC Chairman railing against President Obama for what he perceives as the president’s lack of outreach to the Republican Party. “When you don’t take our suggestions seriously…you’re not serious about bipartisanship,” Steele said in March. Just this week, Steele even complained of an Obama/Pelosi-led “cabal” that is constructing a “closed health care system where Washington decides.” But last night on Fox News, Steele urged Democrats to pass a health care reform without GOP input. Host Sean Hannity agreed:

STEELE: Look at what these guys are saying and doing, not at what we’re saying and doing. You got 60 votes in the Senate. You got almost a two-to-one majority in the House. The Democrats control the entire power structure of the federal government. If you want health care, get the votes. Do it!


STEELE: I mean, Republicans can’t block the bill. The Republicans can’t even filibuster in the Senate.


Watch it: